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 New Era Marketing
 Auburn, WA 98092
 Phone: (253) 632-2106
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Welcome to

Thanks for your interest in


We are currently implementing a new way of paying for goods using Amazon's login and pay interface. This should be helpful and contribute to the security of your information. You will not need to remember another UserID and Password as you can use the one you already have with Amazon. You will be using Amazon's own secure servers to negotiate the login and payment system you have in place there. We should be able to complete the changes to make this available to you shortly. Please forgive the development stubs in use to do the testing of thie implementation. Thank you for forgiving us for the dust.

Here are some of the product types this site has to offer:


  • Video games for all Major consoles
  • PC Game software
  • Fun games for you and kids of all ages
  • Electronics of all kinds from entertaining to work
  • Electronic musical instruments
  • Electronics for boating and fishing
  • Camping and hunting supplies
  • Books of all kinds dealing with electronics and the leaders in its movement
  • A few nifty instruments like pedometers

Our focus for this site..

We started this site originally as a programmers corner to supply software, hardware and forums to support programmers. It quickly transitioned into game software development when our personal focus moved in that direction. When the economy went so negative it became clear to us that a lot of bad feelings about the future was driving people to hoard their money instead of spending it.. which even further aggravates the problem with the economy. Then we started to realize is that in hard times we all value the means of escaping the stress by playing games and letting our fantasies spare us from the world around us for a time. So Game on!

Tell us how we can help..

If you know of anything electronic, games included, that you expected here but couldn't find it, let us know and we'll try to get it for you at a reasonable price

This site is fairly new so we have some ideas we have not yet been able to implement.  We'd love to hear from you and allow you to help us out with ideas you might have.

We have enlisted the aid of PayPal to safeguard your purchases due to its rich customer facing features. We try to ship within three days of your purchase and supply tracking information whenever possible so please supply us your email address.

We, here at, want to supply stuff at more than reasonable prices (inexpensive without being cheap) that helps others get this economy back on its feet.

If you're curious you can browse my home page and perhaps read my resume. I wouldn't be adverse to taking some time out from this web page development to do some work for somebody else. See you at

If you're in need of survival gear or educational toys for your kids, be sure to check us out at

See our store front on Amazon.

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